Fratelli Magni Thermometers and Manometers
Fratelli Magni Thermometers and Manometers
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Thermometers and Manometers

Welcome to the Fratelli Magni website.

Fratelli Magni manufactures a wide range of industrial thermometers, manometers, pressure gauges and temperature and pressure loggers. Our goal is to supply quality instruments suitable for any application where the reliable measurement of temperature and pressure is required. [product overview]

We hope that you find the information that you require in our website and we remind you that our brochures are available for download at the end of each product page. If you have any queries, would like us to send you a brochure, or have any suggestions or comments then drop us a line at


Fratelli Magni ... a little history

Fratelli Magni srl was founded at the start of the 1950's by two enterprising brothers who started manufacturing handmade thermometers and manometers.

The company has since then dedicated itself to the production of these instruments, continually improving their in line with the onset of new technologies and techniques.

This market philosophy has allowed Fratelli Magni to establish itself in both Italian and International markets as a quality manufacturer of instruments appreciated for their tecnhnical charactistics and precision.

Our instruments are used in a myriad of applications (plumbing, pneumatics, airconditioning, wine and food industries, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, etc.).

True to our philosophy of continual improvement and in response to the quality requirements of our clients we have prepared for and obtained with the certification body LL-C Certification quality conformity and certification UNI EN ISO 9001.