Fratelli Magni Thermometers and Manometers
Fratelli Magni Thermometers and Manometers
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manometers, hydrometers, and vacuum gauges

manometers, hydrometers and vacuum gaugesIndustrial pressure and water gauges with flexible C type Bourdon elements. Instruments designed for general use with liquid or gaseous fluids that do not corrode copper alloys at working temperatures from -25 to +80 C

We produce a large range of manometers and hydrometers with models suitable for any application;

vertically mounted    rear mounted    rear mounted with flange    dash mounted

models: vertical connection / rear connection / dashboard
manometer (pressure gauge): 0-0.6bar to 0-100bar
hydrometers (water gauge): 0-6m to 0-120m
vacuum gauge: -1 / 0 bar to -1 +100 bar
precision: class 1.6 (class 1 optional on most models) as per EN 837-1
dimensions: DN60 - DN250
casing: AISI 304, chromed bronze, nickle plated brass
protection: up to IP55 as per CEI EN 60529


electrical contacts

Electrical contacts - Download BrochureThese are devices that can open or close an electric circuit. They are constructed using movable contacts in air that can be positioned on 270° of the scale.
They are usually made in silver, for severe working conditions we recommend platinum, and for use under vibration they can be equipped with magnetic blocks.

Electrical contacts can be applied to all manometers, hydrometers, and vacuum guages from DN100 to DN250.

Our Electrical Contacts catalog is available for you to download in PDF format. Click here.



    Accessories - Download Brochure
  • push-button gas taps
  • three-way gauge holding taps
  • two-way gauge holding taps
  • special circular type flexible connections
  • special diapason type flexible connections
  • shock absorbers against water hammering
  • special circular type flexible connections
Our Accessories catalog is available for you to download in PDF format. Click here.


further information

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges Catalog - Click to download  !For more information on our range of pressure gauges, water gauges and vacuum gauges please contact us at

Our Manometers - Hydrometers catalog is available for you to download in PDF format. Click here.

Once downloaded you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view or print our catalog. Acrobat Reader is available FREE to download now !