Fratelli Magni Thermometers and Manometers
Fratelli Magni Thermometers and Manometers
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inert gas thermometers

inert gas thermometersTemperature is an important variable in many industrial processes, and therefore there is a need for reliable instruments, built to guaranteed standards with little or no maintenance requirements. Our inert gas thermometers meet all these requirements.

Our industrial thermometers are characterised by their reliability and robustness. They are particularly suited for thermal and naval machinery and for use in ovens and kilns.

The inert gas we use (nitrogen) is neither toxic nor a polutant. These thermometers are safe and are built to higher technical specifications (precision and speed) than previous mercury based models.

We produce a large range of thermometers with models suitable for any application;

models: back mounted, radial, bracelet, flanged, smoke, etc.
temperature range: -40° to +500°
precision: class 1
dimensions: DN60 - DN300
casing: Stainless Steel, AISI 302, 304, 430, chromed bronze, light alloy
protection: IP44 -IP55


electrical contacts

Electrical contacts - Download BrochureThese are devices that can open or close an electric circuit. They are constructed using movable contacts in air that can be positioned on 270° of the scale.
They are usually made in silver, for severe working conditions we recommend platinum, and for use under vibration they can be equipped with magnetic blocks.

Electrical contacts can be applied to all manometers, hydrometers, and vacuum guages over DN60.

Our Electrical Contacts catalog is available for you to download in PDF format. Click here.


thermometer wells

thermometer wellsOur range of wells as well as physically protecting the thermometers bulb also protect against corrosion. They allow the thermometer to be removed and/or changed whilst maintaining the container sealed. The thermal conduction between bulb and well by using mineral oil or aluminium powder.


bulbs and fittings

For details on the various types pf bulbs and special attachments available please view our catalog which is available on request or dowloadable using the link at the bottom of this page.


further information

Inert Gas Thermometers Catalog - Click to download For more information on our range of inert gas thermometers please contact us at

Our Inert Gas Thermometers catalog is available for you to download in PDF format. Click here. .

Once downloaded you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view or print our catalog. Acrobat Reader is available FREE to download now !